ChatGPT and AI Business Fundamentals



Learn about the exciting world of ChatGPT and AI for Business to apply immediately for business content requirements.

(Beginner) This course has been designed for anyone who would like to grasp how the world is adapting to ChatGPT which is an Open AI platform revolutionizing the way we engage with artificial intelligence. An AI-powered Chatbot can have natural-sounding conversations with users and is used to comprehend queries and give precise answers.

Did You Know that following the release of ChatGPT, Open AI was valued at $29 billion.

This course will guide you through the all the media hype and provide you with the right foundation to understand the world of ChatGPT.

The course will provide the learner demonstrations on how to immediately use ChatGPT to create content and derive value from using this AI service.

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2 Hours


38 Course Videos


20 Test Questions


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