Microsoft 70-764 – SQL Server 2016 Administration



The Microsoft 70-764 exam, SQL Server 2016 Administration, is a certification exam designed to validate the skills and knowledge required to administer and maintain Microsoft SQL Server 2016 databases. This exam focuses on various aspects of SQL Server administration, including installation, configuration, security, data management, and monitoring.

The course content covers a wide range of topics related to SQL Server administration. Participants will learn how to install and configure SQL Server instances, manage database files and storage, implement security measures, and perform regular database maintenance tasks. Additionally, the course covers topics such as high availability, disaster recovery, and monitoring and troubleshooting SQL Server performance issues.

The Microsoft 70-764 exam preparation course provides comprehensive training materials, including hands-on exercises, practice tests, and study resources. Participants will have the opportunity to gain practical experience by working with SQL Server 2016 in simulated environments, allowing them to apply their knowledge and skills in real-world scenarios.

By successfully completing the Microsoft 70-764 exam, individuals will demonstrate their proficiency in SQL Server 2016 administration. This certification is highly regarded in the industry and can open up new career opportunities in database administration and related fields. Whether aspiring to become a SQL Server database administrator or looking to enhance existing skills, this course equips individuals with the necessary expertise to excel in SQL Server 2016 administration.

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21 Hours 13 Minutes


106 Course Videos


250 Test Questions


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