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The Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) 98-367 certification is an entry-level credential that validates fundamental knowledge and skills in security fundamentals. This certification is designed for individuals who are starting their journey in the field of IT and want to establish a solid foundation in security concepts and technologies.

The MTA 98-367 exam covers a range of topics related to security fundamentals, including understanding security layers, operating system security, network security, and security software. Participants will learn about essential security principles, such as confidentiality, integrity, and availability, and how to apply them in different contexts.

The course content provides comprehensive training materials, including theoretical concepts, practical exercises, and real-world examples. Participants gain an understanding of common security threats and vulnerabilities, as well as techniques for securing operating systems, networks, and data. They also learn about security best practices and compliance considerations.

By successfully completing the MTA 98-367 exam and obtaining the certification, individuals demonstrate their foundational knowledge in security fundamentals. This certification is a stepping stone for further advancements in the IT security field and can be a valuable addition to a resume. It validates an individual’s commitment to security principles and showcases their readiness to contribute to maintaining a secure IT environment.

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4 Hours 44 Minutes


24 Course Videos


74 Test Questions


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