Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Database Design


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Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Database Design is a comprehensive training program that focuses on the principles and best practices of designing efficient and scalable databases using SQL Server 2019. This course is ideal for database administrators, developers, and architects who want to gain a deep understanding of database design concepts and techniques.

The training program covers various aspects of database design, starting from the fundamentals of relational database concepts to advanced topics such as indexing strategies, normalization, and query optimization. Participants will learn how to identify business requirements, analyze data models, and translate them into well-structured and optimized database schemas.

Throughout the course, participants will explore the features and enhancements introduced in SQL Server 2019, such as the Intelligent Query Processing capabilities, Big Data Clusters, and improved security features. They will understand how these features can be leveraged to design and implement high-performance databases that meet the needs of modern business applications.

In addition to theoretical concepts, the training program includes hands-on exercises and practical examples to reinforce participants’ understanding of database design principles. Participants will gain experience in designing and implementing database schemas, creating efficient queries, and optimizing database performance.

By completing the Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Database Design training, individuals will be equipped with the skills and knowledge to design robust and scalable databases that meet the demands of modern enterprise applications. They will understand how to apply best practices in database design, optimize query performance, and ensure data integrity and security. This training program serves as a solid foundation for individuals pursuing careers in database administration or development using SQL Server 2019, and it enhances their ability to design and manage databases effectively.

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6 Hours 22 Minutes


37 Course Videos


75 Test Questions


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