Unix Administration Basics


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Unix Administration Basics is a foundational training program that provides individuals with the fundamental knowledge and skills required to administer Unix-based operating systems. This course focuses on key concepts and practical techniques that enable participants to effectively manage Unix systems and perform essential administrative tasks.

The course begins with an introduction to Unix and covers the basics of Unix file system organization, command-line operations, and user management. Students learn how to navigate the Unix shell, execute commands, manipulate files and directories, and understand the role of permissions and ownership in Unix file security.

In the next phase of the course, participants delve deeper into Unix system administration topics. They explore essential administrative tasks, such as managing users and groups, configuring networking settings, and monitoring system performance. The course also covers package management, system backup and recovery, and troubleshooting common issues that arise in Unix environments.

Throughout the course, hands-on lab exercises and practical demonstrations provide participants with opportunities to apply their knowledge in real-world scenarios. They gain experience in configuring system services, setting up network configurations, and solving common system administration challenges. These activities foster a practical understanding of Unix administration principles and build confidence in performing administrative tasks.

By the end of the Unix Administration Basics course, participants will have acquired the foundational knowledge and skills needed to effectively administer Unix-based operating systems. This training lays the groundwork for further specialization in Unix administration and opens up opportunities for career growth in system administration, DevOps, and related IT fields.

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14 Hours 15 Minutes


106 Course Videos


60 Test Questions


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