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The XP Agile Training Course, also known as Master Extreme Programming (XP), is a comprehensive program designed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to implement and excel in Extreme Programming practices. Extreme Programming is an agile software development methodology that emphasizes collaboration, flexibility, and iterative development.

The course covers the principles and core practices of Extreme Programming, including continuous integration, test-driven development, pair programming, and customer involvement. Participants will learn how to create a productive and collaborative team environment, prioritize and manage requirements effectively, and deliver high-quality software incrementally.

Throughout the course, participants engage in interactive exercises, group discussions, and real-world case studies to apply Extreme Programming concepts in practical scenarios. They gain hands-on experience with tools and techniques used in XP, such as automated testing frameworks, version control systems, and agile project management software.

By the end of the XP Agile Training Course, participants will have a deep understanding of Extreme Programming principles and practices. They will be equipped to lead and participate in agile development teams using XP methodologies. This training is beneficial for software developers, project managers, and anyone involved in software development projects seeking to enhance their agility, collaboration, and software quality.

Upon completion of the XP Agile Training Course, participants will be well-prepared to adopt and implement Extreme Programming practices within their organizations. This training enhances individuals’ ability to deliver software projects with improved speed, quality, and customer satisfaction. The acquired knowledge and skills make participants valuable contributors to agile development teams and enable organizations to embrace the benefits of Extreme Programming methodologies.

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4 Hours 04 Minutes


15 Course Videos


50 Test Questions


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