Microsoft Outlook 2016 Training


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Introducing our comprehensive Microsoft Outlook 2016 Training, the ultimate learning resource for mastering one of the most powerful email and personal information management software available. Whether you’re a business professional, an administrative assistant, or an individual seeking to streamline your email management, this training program is designed to empower you with the knowledge and skills to effectively utilize Microsoft Outlook 2016.

Throughout the training, you’ll delve into the key features and functionalities of Outlook 2016. From managing your email communications and organizing your inbox to scheduling appointments and tasks, you’ll gain hands-on experience in optimizing your productivity using the robust tools offered by Outlook. Our expert instructors provide clear explanations and practical exercises, ensuring that you grasp each concept thoroughly and develop the proficiency needed to handle your daily workflow efficiently.

By completing the training, you’ll acquire a deep understanding of Outlook 2016’s advanced features, such as managing multiple email accounts, automating email responses, and leveraging powerful search and filtering options. You’ll learn how to effectively organize your email, maintain a clutter-free inbox, and maximize your productivity through efficient email management techniques. With your newfound skills, you’ll be able to stay organized, communicate effectively, and boost your overall efficiency in managing your personal and professional communications.

Invest in your productivity and email management skills today with our Microsoft Outlook 2016 Training. Say goodbye to email overload and unlock the full potential of this powerful software. Join the ranks of satisfied learners who have transformed their email management with our comprehensive training program. Enroll now and gain the confidence and proficiency to take control of your inbox and streamline your communication using Microsoft Outlook 2016.

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5 Hours 18 Minutes


31 Course Videos


127 Test Questions


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